Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Pty Ltd is an Australian family-owned business that brews non-alcoholic beverages. Based in Bundaberg, Queensland, they export to over 61 countries across the globe and they are most known for their ginger beer and other carbonated beverages.

The company was established in Bundaberg in 1960 as a bottling and fermenting business. In 1968, Mr. and Mrs. Fleming (senior) along with Cliff and Lee Fleming, bought the business, then known as Electra Breweries. From then on, it was run by mother, father, son and daughter. Over the years, the company has seen growth in sales and brand recognition, both domestically and internationally.

Circa 2011 the company established its own ginger farm to ensure an adequate supply of ginger.

In March 2018, the company entered into a partnership with PepsiCo to distribute their beverages across the United States, although the two remain separate companies.

Exciting times as we began exporting our premium, non-alcoholic drinks around the globe exporting to over 90+ countries around the world including New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America, Singapore and beyond.

A new brew was launched in 2017 and Tropical Mango is our refreshing new flavour, perfect for summer.

Product Range

There are 13 flavours in the range as well as 3 diet varieties. The flavours include:

The Diet range includes:

  • Diet Ginger Beer
  • Diet Lemon Lime and Bitters
  • Diet Sarsaparilla / Root Beer


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