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Greentea Collection

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Greentea Collection

Barcode: 8722700696551

Certified as:

Ingredients: @ @AiœsŒatVihreàbe. GREEN TEA CITRIB IngrédmÉ : Thé Et, alims de citron (0,5%), écorces de citon vert (0,5%), écorcB dtorange (05%), de Ingrediënt Groene thee, aromals, citoenschilletjes (0,5%), limoenschilletjes (0,5%), sinaasappelschilletjes (0,5%), Zutat Grüntee, (0,5%), LinËttB)schalBV1 (0,5%), (0,5%), Gr*ruibchalerL @ Ingredieni: verde, ami, sw-ze di limre (05%), di (05%), smze di anncia (05%), swrze di @ Té ver& (0%), aranas, Piel limén (0,5%), Piel lima (0,5%), oiel de naranja (05%), Piel de Chi gra#ukbkal. de lama (0,5%), casca de toranja (05%). @ IngreÉx. Grôntw arom, citŒùal 0,5%, [ratel 0:5%3 , kuoret 0,5%, limen kuoret 05%, ap*iinin kuŒet05%, te, 0,5%, 0,5%, gra*gÉkaller.@ Ingredierx. Grmn te, aroma, 0,5K lirndallff 0,5%, 05%, 00 ELTrŒ11Kd: apqnruec b)cc, Q)todôa )qnvn’) (0,596), Q)a36a rrogt0Kaìnj (0,5%), GRE9’l TEA ORIENT Ingrédienb : Thé vert, arôme, anis (0,8%), canelle (0,8%), réglisse.@@ Ingrediënt Groene Olee, aroma, anijs (0,8%), kaneel (03%), z*out O Grüntee, Aroma, Anis (0,8%), (0,8%), SüBholz. @ Ingredienü: tè verde, aromi, anice (0.8%), cannella (0.8%), liquirizia.@Ingredient Té verde aromas, especias (2%) (anis, œnela, Ingredient CM verde, aroma, anis (0 8%), canela (0,8%), alcaçuz @ Ingredienser. Grôntte, arom, anis 0 8%, kanel 0,8%, lakrits. @ Ainesosat: Vihreâ tee, aromi, anis 0,8%, kaneli lakritsi. Ingredienser: Gron te, aroma, anis 0,8%, kanel 0,8%, lakrids. Ingrediener: Grann t, aroma, anis 0,8%, kanel 0,8%, lakris. EuccŒt1Kd.• npdavo radi, apogat1Kéc Kavaa GREN TF.A Ingrédienb : Thé ved, menfre arôme.@@ Ingrediënt Groene free, munt (7,8%), aroma.@Zubt Grüntee, Minze (78%), Aroma @ Ingredienü: Tè verde (84%), aromi, menta (7.8%).@Ingredient Té verde (84%), menu (7,8%), aroma@Ingredient Châ verde, 9 Ingredienser: Grônt te, mynb 7.8%, arom. @ Vihreâ tee, mn 7.8%, aromi.@Ingredienser.Gron te, mynte 7.&/0, aroma.@Ingredienser.Grannw nynte 736, aroma 00 npdatvo TOdl, gÉvra (7,8%), apugŒrlKÉcb)Œç

Shipped from: France – Learn about Islam in France,Spain


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Weight: 4×10 sachets

Serving size: 100 ml

Food Traces:

Number of additives / E-numbers: 0 –

National Nutrition Category: unknown / unknown

Nutrion Facts:

Energy per 100g: 17
Fat per 100g: 0
Saturatedfat per 100g: 0
Carbohydrates per 100g: 0.5
Sugars per 100g: 0.5
Fiber per 100g:
Proteins per 100g: 0.5
Salt per 100g:0
Tags: greentea
Barcode: 8722700696551



Lipton is a British brand of tea, owned by Unilever. Lipton was also a supermarket chain in the United Kingdom before it was sold off to Argyll Foods, to allojjw the company to focus solely on tea. The company is named after its founder Thomas Lipton.

Unilever Holdings