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eHalal Crypto Wallet operates a Halal Food Databank, a Halal Enterprise Resource Planning (HERP) system for the Global Supply Chain, operating on the Ethereum Blockchain with it's own eHalal Token (currently traded at €1.42 for 1 eHalal (HAL) crypto currency unit). Please open a eHalal Wallet.

A. Vogel

Our Products
Under the umbrella brand A.Vogel we offer herbal remedies (phytopharmaceuticals), dietary supplements and food products, as well as services to enable people to preserve or restore their health.

Our high quality products and services satisfy the expectations of our customers and comply with the current state of knowledge.

We use the resources of Nature fully respecting ecology, and our cultivation and processing of medicinal plants pay special attention to environmental protection.

We are motivated by honesty and integrity in all our business dealings.

We practice leadership by means of jointly agreed goals and encourage personal responsibility at all levels.

We systematically promote workplace health.

Our economic success is the key to ensure our independence and further development.

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eHalal Travel Mart,
Muslim Friendly Travel Mart for Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand etc.