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Fret Feinste Schweizer Schokoladewaffel


Fret Feinste Schweizer Schokoladewaffel

Barcode: 7610046001676

Certified as:

Ingredients: Zucker, Kakaomasse, Palmfett, Weizenmehl, Kakaobutter, Vollmilchpulver, Kakaopulver, Butterfett, Weizenfasern gemahlen, Eigelbpulver, Emulgator: Sojalecithin, Speisesalz, Backtriebmittel: Natriumhydrogencarbonat, Vanille Extrakt.

Shipped from: France,Switzerland


Available at the following stores:

Weight: 65g

Serving size:

Food Traces: /

Number of additives / E-numbers: 1 – e500,e500ii

National Nutrition Category: Sugary snacks / Biscuits and cakes

Nutrion Facts:

Energy per 100g: 2344
Fat per 100g: 37
Saturatedfat per 100g: 26
Carbohydrates per 100g: 55
Sugars per 100g: 34
Fiber per 100g:
Proteins per 100g: 5.9
Salt per 100g:0.14
Nova Group Ranking: 4
Tags: snacks,sweet-snacks,confectioneries,bars,chocolate-candies,chocolate-bars
Barcode: 7610046001676