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Alpino Pechuga de Pavo

Jamón de Pechuga de Pavo

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Alpino Pechuga de Pavo
Jamón de Pechuga de Pavo
Barcode: 7501325703575

Certified as:

Ingredients: Carne de pavo, agua, almidón, proteina de soya, sal yodada, azucares, carragenina, fosfato de sodio, diacetato de sodio, lactato de sodio, saborizante artificial, eritorbato de sodio, nitrito de sodio y colorante natural carmín.

Shipped from: Mexico

Qualtia Nuevo León

Available at the following stores: Walmart, Bodega Aurrera, Soriana, Mercado soriana,Oxxo

Weight: 240 g

Serving size: 17 g

Food Traces:

Number of additives / E-numbers: 4 – e262,e262ii,e316,e325,e407

National Nutrition Category: Fish Meat Eggs / Processed meat

Nutrion Facts:

Energy per 100g: 388
Fat per 100g: 1.76
Saturatedfat per 100g: 0.588
Carbohydrates per 100g: 24.7
Sugars per 100g: 1.76
Fiber per 100g: 0
Proteins per 100g: 11.8
Salt per 100g:1.87
Nova Group Ranking: 4
Tags: meats,prepared-meats,refrigerated-foods
Barcode: 7501325703575

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