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Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

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Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

Barcode: 0025155057044

Certified as:

Ingredients: Sauce (water, pasteurized process white cheddar cheese [cheddar cheese (cultured milk, salt, enzymes), water, sodium phosphate, milkfat, salt], soybean oil, whey protein concentrate, cayenne pepper puree [cayenne peppers, salt, acetic acid], nonfat milk,

Shipped from: USA


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Weight: 12 oz

Serving size: 340g

Food Traces: /

Number of additives / E-numbers: 1 – e260

National Nutrition Category: Composite foods / One-dish meals

Nutrion Facts:

Energy per 100g: 166
Fat per 100g: 2.59
Saturatedfat per 100g: 0.953
Carbohydrates per 100g: 2.08
Sugars per 100g: 0.606
Fiber per 100g: 0.176
Proteins per 100g: 2.08
Salt per 100g:1.33
Nova Group Ranking: 3
Tags: meals,microwave-meals
Barcode: 0025155057044